Friday, August 16, 2013

Zeroblunt on the Rise

Zeroblunt, an aspiring Filipino rock band, made their appearance at "Young Wild and Free" show with VJ Meagan at last night August 15, 2013 with a great performance!

Composed of four members, Ramcy "Chee" Tirona for lead vocals, Michael Joseph "MJ" Vicencio for lead guitar, Johanne "Yohan" Ongchangco for bass and Mark Lamanilao for drums, Zeroblunt is something that you need to watch out for in the music industry.

The band started coming together just recently due to career and personal endeavors. They actually created the band way back in the late 90's in high school as an active group of musicians performing in school. They have won in the Battle of the Bands and made performances during school programs. All members were high school friends and classmates, except for Mark (drummer) and they kept the bond intact as they moved along adulthood. The band's taste of music is unique and can be qualified as something revolutionary in terms of style and mood. 

Ramcy, currently established in his career as iFM's DJ, has an excellent and bone-chilling voice that ladies really dig whether he's a DJ or a vocalist. The fullness and power on how he sings projects the holistic mood and tone of their songs.

MJ, appart from managing a family business, takes hold of his passion in music that his talent in caressing his guitar never faded. He's well-tuned and in sync with his guitar which makes every song a drop-jaw performance.

Yohan, who is also a career person, keeps up with the band as the bassist and still a master of his own music. His talent adds color to the band's activity and define each song played with Zeroblunt's signature.

Mark, who is not actually an original member of the band when they started, flashes his superb talent in getting every beat out of you both in covers and original songs. 

There's more to anticipate with Zeroblunt as they continue their journey to reach millions of people who share the same passion in music. Zeroblunt rehearse regularly to prepare for upcoming gigs and performances to showcase their wonderful art and authenticity in music. They have covered songs like "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon, 

To get updated with their upcoming events, visit their Facebook page or watch and subscribe to their videos in Youtube at Zeroblunt ph and you'll never miss out amazing songs they cover and original songs they compose!