Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Betting195 : The Newest Aussie Sports Betting!

Betting195 is the freshest Aussie betting site launched  in May 2013 in Manila, Philippines, which Aussie punters must visit and sign-up for! Australia has a number of top betting sites and  Betting195 is one of the promising sites you can look into in making winning fast and easy. International punters can also join since the membership is not limited to Australians only. Although now for their latest promos like deposit $20 and bet with $100!, or free $25 for new sign ups, I'm afraid that these offers are only good for Australia and New Zealand residents only.

Setting up a new account is less complicated and if you have other betting sites account, most likely you can set up yours with Betting195 in 3-5 minutes. Once you have created your account you'll now be credited autoatically $25 for the $25 sign up bonus. Another way of getting more free credits is when you made your first deposit of $100 AUD, you'll be given $100 AUD bonus which is their all-time deal. 
Your account shows the currency you chose at the time of registration. Doubling up your money is superb for a starter, don't you think? Now, the most important question is, "How would I get my money?"