Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Father's Influence on His Unborn Child's Development

You would think that the responsibility of caring and helping in the development of an unborn child lies solely on the mother because she's the one bearing the child. Surprisingly, also you can contribute a lot in your child's development! It may sound odd and makes you wonder how since the baby is very remote at this time since he is inside the womb. But you have no idea that at this point, the baby registers routines and memories while he is in his Mommy's womb. This article can show you how important is the father's role during pregnancy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Would staying loyal to your partner still possible today?

Fidelity is a simple yet quite a powerful word that is undeniably most of us imperfect humans would ever face in our entire lives. Men, in most cases, got a huge problem with this comparing to women. The fear of having a lifetime commitment impedes having a healthy relationship as many perceives that no partners nowadays stay forever. With respect to those who are traditionally inclined and with the heart trained with good virtues and principles, those people still trust on this word.