Friday, November 23, 2007

Tattoo your back

Have you watched "Prison Break" recently? Well, you must have seen Michael Scofield's great body tattoo. The design is really attractive and you wouldn't notice that it is actually a blueprint of something and it's cool isn't it?

What is the most attractive area best for a tattoo? Answers may vary of course. As being observed nowadays, back tattoo is the top choice especially for women who are a bit conscious about fashion and style.

Our back is the easiest and most convenient area to first have your tattoo. Either the tattoo is just a small design or full-back tattoo, your precious behind is a good avenue for the first tattoo. Because of its wide area, deciding on which part of your back is the best for the tattoo will depend on you and your tattoo artist. You need to talk it out with the artist so the location of the tattoo can also give way to a possibility of extending a small tattoo design to a more elaborate one in the future.

Upper back is both appealing to both men and women. If you spend most of your time wearing an open back blouses, swimsuits or staying under the sun topless, well an upper back tattoo is a good choice. For females, an upper back tattoo adds a dramatic touch on a sophisticated low-back evening gown. Most Hollywood actresses have these upper back tattoos. The tattoo gets more attention than the dress itself because of its out-in-the-open location.

If there’s an upper back, of course there’s also a lower back tattoo. Again, this is very I demand with women. Located in the waist line or the hip region, the lower back tattoo emphasizes the contoured shape of the back pelvic region. Women enjoy wearing low-waist jeans which usually exposes this area. And another thing is, the lower back tattoo entices men due to its attractiveness and it’s almost near the lower extremities. It seems very luscious in the eyes of men.

And not to forget, for those who are really passionate about tattoos, the full-back tattoo is popular. This type of back tattoo offers the client to fully utilize his back for the art he wanted to be one with. If you’ve watched “Prison Break” who stars Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, you’ll be amazed and adore his front and back tattoo designs.

Tattoos are now acceptable to all sorts of people whether professionals or ordinary citizens. But of course, not all of them have a good impression on the design. Most employed people find back tattoo as the safest place to obscure it from view. These young professionals enjoy their social life and are into current trends and fashion.

Back tattoos are really flexible in terms of appearance because you can easily hide it and you can easily show it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is something bothering you?

RIght now?.... Yeah, actually there are so many things bothering me. These things started bugging me when i came to know that "the heart is not from where love's from the brain".

1. I'm still wondering on how the world of "Stocks" works...I simply can't understand this part of the business realm. I read on a magazine once, they adviced never give a share or buy a share on a stock market. I wasn't able to read why because I won't even understand it at all if I attempted to read it.

2. Another thing that bothers me is this strange word....TRUST. People keep on saying "there's no one you can trust in this world..." If that is so, then "the only person you can trust is yourself". But there are times that you can't even trust yourself.

3. There is a woman who is a single parent, has a baby and was left by the guy because he ditched her. What would make this woman enter into a relationship again? To think that worst things happend to her during a relationship, could she trust another man again to enter into her life once more?

4. For a lady who aborted a child because she's not prepared to have a baby yet, would you think she can still afford to have another baby and let it live? Would you think she will love this baby just like most mothers do but didn't feel love for the first baby?

5. What would make a mother cold-blooded looking at her daughter face-to-face behind bars because she was being accused of multiple murders including the nations' devoted servants to protect the country's security?

6. An underground organization training children to assemble weapons and finally using them and making them into future killers just to take over the world, what is worst scenario than this? Could they think of this doig to their own children?

We really can't understand people, the way they think, act and feel. Once they are kind....the next time they are rude. You may never know if who you're talking to is a real person or trying to pose another person's identity. Whatever the answers are to these queries above, I'm sure it's still reasonable and comprehendable by the human mind and reasoning. However, others are beyond the norms and contemporary settings.

my judgement of the past

This person...

He was a past, an acquaintance and an associate who has an exceptional talent of luring the innocent hearts and minds of women.

In nine-months time, the nature and fads of this distinct character are brought out in the open which seemed to be glib and a bit fascinating.

Words of expression is somehow limited by time and will. Misapprehension and misconception were brought about by this impulsive action which has taken toll on every piece of our memories...

The growing love ceased and wilted...'twas thirsty of the water of life...starving of the food for it's soul. There was none to bring it back to life. Until it died...withered and went back to where it all started...a seed of friendship.

Two summers, two springs, two autumns and two winters finally grew. It grew up to it's desired capacity and again stopped.

And until then, it has never turned out to be great like before, for his faults brought it to it's end.

Beauty's two faces

“Charm may be false and prettiness may be vain. But a woman that fears God brings praise to herself.” This bible verse (Proverbs 30:31) caught my attention one day when I was reading the bible.

Beauty has its own form. For some people they think beauty is not only physical but also spiritual. It isn’t superficial but also internal. This kind of virtue has a big impact on the society and affects a woman’s status especially in trying to excel in the society. There are people who are so vain trying to beautify themselves by adorning their physical bodies with the world’s riches. These people believe that physical beauty is their edge over the soaring competition in every industry. It's so funny to think about it, some companies require good physical appearance to applicants. Well in fact, most of them misunderstood the term while on the other hand some of these applicants don't even qualify because they lack the skills even if they have the physical attractiveness. There are very few women with beauty and brains- they’re rare to find. Through the advancement of our technology every year, people discover ways on how to “FIX” their holy temples (body).

From a magazine, once more, says "you don't have to be busty to be beautiful..." and I believe in that because I don't have the blessing either. Just take a glance at Andrea Corr. She isn’t really that busty but she’s sexy and attractive. Her beauty is reflected by something people couldn’t easily tell from the first glance. I know how it feels walking on the street, seeing men second-glancing at women with perfect curves, good busts and firm butts and finally not noticing you because you're too far from those chicks.

Furthermore, most men say that it's "for your eyes only". Indeed, such beauty is amazing, astonishing and vibrant that every woman would dream of risking everything to be the next Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson and so on. Men often say, "she's hot, I want her." What they feel is brought by their eyes, not by their hearts. However, there are men who are looking for the inner beauty…the real beauty. So as the bible verse say in the onset, praise doesn’t come from being physically beautiful but instead it comes from being beautiful in personality. Having the touch of gentleness, honesty and cheerfulness, the true beauty is reflected from a person who has a clean and good conscience. It’s not exactly being religious but a god-fearing personality is present. This quality affects every decision and behavior of a person towards herself and the society. For men who often wish for a perfect woman, they don’t usually end up with their fantasy. Instead they end up the opposite of it. So why ask for too much if there’s someone so simple but is real?

We get old, it’s a fact. Cosmetics, facial treatment and even worse surgery will just make yourself age faster. Believing in fashion and beauty magazines that they can change your future by altering yourself physically and beyond what is required will make you look uglier than your true self, thus, sucking you into the trap of wasting your money for an artificial beauty.