Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Betting195 : The Newest Aussie Sports Betting!

Betting195 is the freshest Aussie betting site launched  in May 2013 in Manila, Philippines, which Aussie punters must visit and sign-up for! Australia has a number of top betting sites and  Betting195 is one of the promising sites you can look into in making winning fast and easy. International punters can also join since the membership is not limited to Australians only. Although now for their latest promos like deposit $20 and bet with $100!, or free $25 for new sign ups, I'm afraid that these offers are only good for Australia and New Zealand residents only.

Setting up a new account is less complicated and if you have other betting sites account, most likely you can set up yours with Betting195 in 3-5 minutes. Once you have created your account you'll now be credited autoatically $25 for the $25 sign up bonus. Another way of getting more free credits is when you made your first deposit of $100 AUD, you'll be given $100 AUD bonus which is their all-time deal. 
Your account shows the currency you chose at the time of registration. Doubling up your money is superb for a starter, don't you think? Now, the most important question is, "How would I get my money?"

Betting195 payouts can be withdrawn real time to your Neteller account or if you have other e-wallet accounts. Transfers to and from Neteller is instant the minute you hit the confirm button. To get these funds in your hands, there are several ways you can withdraw funds from Neteller with corresponding fees of course. Refer to the site's commonly asked questions on how to use Neteller's online payment service. I have enrolled myself and I have created an account. I also chose to order an actual, physical debit card to make the withdrawal easily but I haven't received my card yet since it will take at least 21 days to process and mail to your address. On the other hand, for other FAQ's about the betting site, you can visit Betting195 Terms and Conditions.

Another thing to check is whether the site can protect your account privacy. Most people are very skeptical with new sites most especially when you're talking about big sum of cash. In Betting195, not only your money is protected but also your personal information is secured from potential scams. However, if the account has been defraud, then the site has the right to suspend the account.

Betting195 offers real value on your money in sports betting like NRL, AFL, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, American Football and other US sports. They start with $1.95 on each side rather than $1.91 that's why they are Betting195. You'll be guided through the site if you're having difficulties however it's guaranteed that the site is very user-friendly. In case help is needed, customer support is available 24/7. You can reach them through email. Response will be sent within 15 minutes during operation hours. Games schedules and odds are always laid out first hand so you're always ahead to plan your bet and you'll get your money's worth with every entry.

Visit the site now and see for yourself what Betting195 has to offer and great bonuses come your way! Like Sports195 Facebook page and be updated on events, current promos and offers. Grab the deals while they're hot!

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