Monday, December 3, 2007

Celtic Tattoo for your body

Celtic tattoo designs are full of art and meaning which reminds about the ancestry or beliefs of the bearer. Upon hearing the word “Celts” you might think of something dark, ancient and non-Christian group. Actually they are the origins of those people from Britain and other European countries. And images and representation from this culture is another attractive theme for adornment.

Tracing back in history, the ancient Celts refer to the indigenous people from a diverse group of tribes and are brought together by religion, trade and language. They have their own language, local form of government and religion which is called the Celtic polytheism. But during the fifth century AD, some of the Celts were converted to Celtic Christianity.

That’s why in some areas in Britain, Scotland, Ireland and northern Europe recognizes the cross as a symbol of the Christian religion or of the great cultural heritage of their ancestors. Celts are full of close relations to nature and meanings with various things.

Like for example, Celtic cross tattoo is the most common design we can see available now at any tattoo shops. For most Celtic cross tattoos, the design bears a circle around the area where you see the beams of the cross intersect. It coincides with the idea of “God’s eternal love for the people”. In Christianity, the cross is the most sacred symbol of their faith. Similar representations of the cross made the Celts not so different with Christians.

However, the Celtic cross tattoo expresses the continuous cycle of life through the interweaving of loops and curves in its design. Some symbolic meanings are also depicted by the Celtic cross as well as the tattoo itself. As for the Celts, the meaning is more on nature. The four rays or the four beams of the cross depict the four elements existing in our nature. They are the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. And in other ways, the two beams, which are the horizontal and the vertical ones, can represent the four directions, the North, South, East and the West.

Indeed, the history of these Celtic tattoo designs is quite long and diverse. The symbols and representations of the Celtic tattoos are still being discovered. If you’re planning to have a Celtic tattoo, don’t think about a cult origin. But instead, think of it as an art. The self-expression using the Celtic tattoo designs can still be religious in meaning or just a mere fascinating for of art in your skin.

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