Monday, December 3, 2007

Make your skin attractive with a Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo is popular among ladies because of the impression it gives about their personalities. Among the flowers available around the globe, rose doesn’t lose its attractiveness and popularity.

There are different colors for rose available in the market whether they are natural colors or artificial colors. And in line with those colors are different meanings, too. So, choosing the right color for your rose tattoo would probably reflect your personality or character.

Through decades, rose has been a symbol of love around the globe. The rose has an exquisite appeal, scent and beauty. This is one of the most requested tattoo design because of what it basically signifies. Rose is known to be the sign of passion and love, being pure and chaste. Men were accustomed in giving red roses to someone they love to publicly declare their emotions and plea. And red is the typical color and representation of love, romance and sacredness. Others give white roses as a sign of purity in their intentions. Yellow roses mean happiness or joy, while giving a pink rose tells a person that he or she’s being admired.

Not only that, have you thought of this flower as a part of our history and literature and not only because of its popularity with love? Well, in literature particularly in Roman and Greek mythology, roses are a common symbol for the gods and goddesses. Some of them used the rose as a sign of their anger, jealousy and hatred but some use it as a sign of their love and beauty. On the other hand, in early Christian history, rose symbolizes miracles or something holy. It used to be a sign of scorn with Roman enemies but later on became a symbol for triumph over persecution. Some of the saints of Bible characters are linked to the rose just like the Virgin Mary. She was referred to as the “the Mystical Rose” and the rosary used in praying has been carved with rose in its beads. And finally, rose is not only an emblem for happy endings but also sad ones. Rose can express grief, loss and death. That’s why we often give roses when someone died or seriously ill.

Whatever symbol rose may have, it doesn’t lose its attraction among people. Rose tattoo is actually more common to men than in women. Most probably because they adore women and roses also represent women for their beauty and charm. Rose tattoo is perfect for everybody no matter what color and meaning you choose to represent yourself.

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