Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Father's Influence on His Unborn Child's Development

You would think that the responsibility of caring and helping in the development of an unborn child lies solely on the mother because she's the one bearing the child. Surprisingly, also you can contribute a lot in your child's development! It may sound odd and makes you wonder how since the baby is very remote at this time since he is inside the womb. But you have no idea that at this point, the baby registers routines and memories while he is in his Mommy's womb. This article can show you how important is the father's role during pregnancy.

As the baby develops inside the mother's womb, he can start hearing sounds although a little unclear because the baby is in the water that obscure the sound quality. Primarily, his mother's voice is the first thing that he can recognize and would definitely react to various pitches of her voice. When a mother reads a story book, he can become familiar with it and could feel comfortable with the pattern of sounds.

What the you can do as the father is participate in reading a story to the baby. Or have a little nice talk to get the unborn little fellow get familiar with your voice. This could make it easier for the baby when he's out to feel the bond with you as well.

Aside from voice recognition, the you have to make sure that the mother experiences, if not zero stress because we know there are good and bad stress, less bad stress and is always in a happy healthy mood. Most pregnant women tend to have extremely irritating mood swings more than you'll ever know. Probably, you'll also wonder why these things happen. Scientifically, hormone production rises than the normal way. This causes imbalance to the body and triggers mood swings. So you should not stress her out if you want your baby to be healthy not grumpy!

There will be times that you will feel angry, irritated, annoyingly tired and confused on what to do during the mother's pregnancy. A warning for fathers, do not ever start an argument or hurt the mother physically by  hitting or even hurting her verbally. These things are very harmful to any sort of relationships even if the woman is not pregnant.

Next is keeping the mother away from rigorous tasks like heavy house chores. But if it's unavoidable, better help. The stress it brings can also stress the baby and causes disturbance inside and leads to discomfort for the mother. Fathers would never know how difficult it is to bear a child with all these changes in the body all through nine months of pregnancy.

Furthermore, you can also support her by going to prenatal check ups. This is really a big thing for the mother because you can actually let her know and feel about your excitement, concern and willingness to learn more about the baby's development. Getting yourself educated on the current situation can provide you enough things to know what to do, what not to do and when to do things. And you would avoid the hassle of being on a panic mode when something goes wrong or you're on the actual delivery date and it's pretty sure that you'll get a lot of nerve-racking moments if you're not prepared.

Lastly, research! Do some reading about these things about pregnancy up to delivery and child care. This is a great help for you not to end up guessing on how she feels and thinks. There are also suggested activities that you can still do together to make her happy and healthy. Research on exercises designed or pregnant women and let her try those with your assistance. Go for a walk with her to make her relax and get some of the bad stress out of her system while you talk about pleasant things. Sex during pregnancy is still ok as long as you wouldn't end up hurting her or pressing on the little baby which can of course initiate discomfort on the mother.

More sensitivity on what the mother needs and feel is a lot help from you in nurturing your child's development and for sure, your child's bond with you is not too far from the mother's bond with her child literally.


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