Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is something bothering you?

RIght now?.... Yeah, actually there are so many things bothering me. These things started bugging me when i came to know that "the heart is not from where love's from the brain".

1. I'm still wondering on how the world of "Stocks" works...I simply can't understand this part of the business realm. I read on a magazine once, they adviced never give a share or buy a share on a stock market. I wasn't able to read why because I won't even understand it at all if I attempted to read it.

2. Another thing that bothers me is this strange word....TRUST. People keep on saying "there's no one you can trust in this world..." If that is so, then "the only person you can trust is yourself". But there are times that you can't even trust yourself.

3. There is a woman who is a single parent, has a baby and was left by the guy because he ditched her. What would make this woman enter into a relationship again? To think that worst things happend to her during a relationship, could she trust another man again to enter into her life once more?

4. For a lady who aborted a child because she's not prepared to have a baby yet, would you think she can still afford to have another baby and let it live? Would you think she will love this baby just like most mothers do but didn't feel love for the first baby?

5. What would make a mother cold-blooded looking at her daughter face-to-face behind bars because she was being accused of multiple murders including the nations' devoted servants to protect the country's security?

6. An underground organization training children to assemble weapons and finally using them and making them into future killers just to take over the world, what is worst scenario than this? Could they think of this doig to their own children?

We really can't understand people, the way they think, act and feel. Once they are kind....the next time they are rude. You may never know if who you're talking to is a real person or trying to pose another person's identity. Whatever the answers are to these queries above, I'm sure it's still reasonable and comprehendable by the human mind and reasoning. However, others are beyond the norms and contemporary settings.

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