Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beauty's two faces

“Charm may be false and prettiness may be vain. But a woman that fears God brings praise to herself.” This bible verse (Proverbs 30:31) caught my attention one day when I was reading the bible.

Beauty has its own form. For some people they think beauty is not only physical but also spiritual. It isn’t superficial but also internal. This kind of virtue has a big impact on the society and affects a woman’s status especially in trying to excel in the society. There are people who are so vain trying to beautify themselves by adorning their physical bodies with the world’s riches. These people believe that physical beauty is their edge over the soaring competition in every industry. It's so funny to think about it, some companies require good physical appearance to applicants. Well in fact, most of them misunderstood the term while on the other hand some of these applicants don't even qualify because they lack the skills even if they have the physical attractiveness. There are very few women with beauty and brains- they’re rare to find. Through the advancement of our technology every year, people discover ways on how to “FIX” their holy temples (body).

From a magazine, once more, says "you don't have to be busty to be beautiful..." and I believe in that because I don't have the blessing either. Just take a glance at Andrea Corr. She isn’t really that busty but she’s sexy and attractive. Her beauty is reflected by something people couldn’t easily tell from the first glance. I know how it feels walking on the street, seeing men second-glancing at women with perfect curves, good busts and firm butts and finally not noticing you because you're too far from those chicks.

Furthermore, most men say that it's "for your eyes only". Indeed, such beauty is amazing, astonishing and vibrant that every woman would dream of risking everything to be the next Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson and so on. Men often say, "she's hot, I want her." What they feel is brought by their eyes, not by their hearts. However, there are men who are looking for the inner beauty…the real beauty. So as the bible verse say in the onset, praise doesn’t come from being physically beautiful but instead it comes from being beautiful in personality. Having the touch of gentleness, honesty and cheerfulness, the true beauty is reflected from a person who has a clean and good conscience. It’s not exactly being religious but a god-fearing personality is present. This quality affects every decision and behavior of a person towards herself and the society. For men who often wish for a perfect woman, they don’t usually end up with their fantasy. Instead they end up the opposite of it. So why ask for too much if there’s someone so simple but is real?

We get old, it’s a fact. Cosmetics, facial treatment and even worse surgery will just make yourself age faster. Believing in fashion and beauty magazines that they can change your future by altering yourself physically and beyond what is required will make you look uglier than your true self, thus, sucking you into the trap of wasting your money for an artificial beauty.

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