Thursday, November 22, 2007

my judgement of the past

This person...

He was a past, an acquaintance and an associate who has an exceptional talent of luring the innocent hearts and minds of women.

In nine-months time, the nature and fads of this distinct character are brought out in the open which seemed to be glib and a bit fascinating.

Words of expression is somehow limited by time and will. Misapprehension and misconception were brought about by this impulsive action which has taken toll on every piece of our memories...

The growing love ceased and wilted...'twas thirsty of the water of life...starving of the food for it's soul. There was none to bring it back to life. Until it died...withered and went back to where it all started...a seed of friendship.

Two summers, two springs, two autumns and two winters finally grew. It grew up to it's desired capacity and again stopped.

And until then, it has never turned out to be great like before, for his faults brought it to it's end.

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